Central to our activities are the child and its family

Together, we want to promote a child-friendly society with equal opportunities for everyone and at the same time taking under consideration each and every child’s individual abilities. Based on social and democratic values we offer versatile activities, educational means and other pedagogical services of highest quality for children and their families.


Our goals and visions are…

a child-friendly society in which children can take an active part and the parents’ active role in their child’s education is supported and appreciated

equal opportunities for all children regarding development and education.

communities that allow children to be children and where they are given the opportunity to enjoy a happy and carefree childhood…

Teaching of values

We intend to guide the children to consciously value their freedom so that they can explore self-determination and experience the possibilities and limits that come along with it. While ourselves serving as role models we will teach the children that only non-violent measures can truly solve conflict situations. We stand with each other, support each other and thus strengthen the sense of community…


Goals of Education and Training

Quote: “Children are unique and distinctive within their inner wealth and individual dignity. It shows in their activities and affections, interests and abilities, talents, ideas, detours and limits. Depending on the circumstances of their upbringing, children have individual life experiences and histories.

On entering the kindergarten culturally diverse and varied, they need a versatile learning environment to animate and favour their individual development so that they can realise their own ideas and beliefs at their own speed.

Children want to grow, take active part, take on responsibilities and thus experience themselves as useful within the community.“

(German original in: Plädoyer für eine offene Pädagogik der Achtsamkeit; Gerhard Regel; EB Verlag Seite 39/40)


We will assist your children

in their strive for independence, in building relationships, in approaching other individuals, animals and the environment in a responsible way and in taking active part in social processes. And we want to encourage:

emotions and social ties
ethics and society
language and communication
exercise and health
aesthetics and creativity
nature and technology


We offer

regular quality evaluations. Our daily work is inspired by the Montessori method of education as well as other progressive educational approaches. Our staff are competent and qualified pedagogues, caregivers and assistants. Together, we provide a great variety of child- and situation orientated activities, carefully selected and versatile toys and other materials to learn and play. We also offer room for education, encounter, guidance and much more…

Among our programs you can find

Excursions, field trips and cultural activities.
Various celebrations (e.g. birthdays, the Lantern Walk, Saint Nicholas’ Day)
“Faust Los” a program that aims at the prevention of violence among 4- to 6-year-olds
Once a month, we offer the possibility to play and learn with a trained therapy dog (provided that there is sufficient demand)
A learning program that has been especially created to prepare the children for their transition to school
English as a second language
Individual promotion of the children (adapted to their needs)


Additional services on request

Eyesight test
Hearing test
Speech therapist

Our pedagogical mission

We consider it our mission to – working closely together with the parents – provide and realise holistic education and learning. We try to reach this goal by working closely together with the children’s parents and to strive for and cherish a fruitful relationship. This cooperation presents the foundation from which we aim to successfully complete our mission: to give every child the necessary freedom to develop its unique self and acquire the tools to actively and autonomously make decisions in its daily life.


Our staff

We guarantee a highly qualified and trained, certified and reliable staff that will attend to and accompany your child. It is a priority to foster and favour every child’s individual character at every age.