to Children’s Paradise, an association for the promotion of toddlers and preschool children.

We are a bilingual kindergarten that provides attentive childcare of high quality for younger and older children.

Children’s Paradise offers:

Kindergarten Kreuzgasse 68

Kindergarten Lederergasse 33

Kindergruppe 1-3 Jahre Teschnergasse 6

Kindergruppe 3-6 Jahre Teschnergasse 6

The highlights are a childproof 300m² rooftop terrace (Kindergarten Kreuzgasse) and a 250m² garden to play (Lederergasse).

The Children’s Paradise kindergarten offers a safe and caring environment in which children can develop their full creative potential, where their need to explore will be stimulated and their craving for knowledge satisfied.

In an inclusive and supportive environment the children shall collectively develop into independent and confident little individuals.